Corporate Enablement

Bundling forces and fostering cross-sector collaboration to enable innovation

One country, one company or one individual alone cannot overcome the challenges of digitalisation. Creative solutions and collaborative know-how is needed to guide our businesses into the digital future. An interdisciplinary approach is key. For this reason, digitalswitzerland launched the digitalswitzerland challenge.

Corporate Innovation & Transformation

Offering new and evolved solutions for corporate innovation, collaboration, intrapreneurship, acceleration and corporate venturing. Digitalswitzerland connects the dots to inspire and generate impulse, enabling more successful transformation.

digitalswitzerland challenge

With the challenge, digitalswitzerland enables interdisciplinary and cross-sector teams to implement their innovative ambitions within a competitive framework. We call these ambitions bets, because for Switzerland’s future we want to go all in. As Switzerland has always excelled in collaboration and innovation to overcome challenges, we are confident that we will also win these bets. The ambitious program puts Switzerland, its companies, the local academia and politics at the heart of digitalization.

See digitalswitzerland|challenge for more information.

SME Innovation & Transformation

Solutions for SMEs across Switzerland to help solving real digital challenges. Co-created and provided by our network of partners. Combination of clarification, problem solving, inspiration and support in transforming. Goal is to empower 10’000 people from SMEs until 2021.

Digital Gipfel

With this prestigious format, we provide our members with insights from selected keynote speakers on various topics related to digital transformation. The aim is to connect decision-makers from industry, academia, business and politics to support and drive change. In this context, the Swiss Digital Summit makes an important contribution to help shape and tackle the complex effects of digitalisation in Switzerland.

WEF breakfast

Offering inspiration and connecting opportunities for a successful WEF day. Highest-quality networking on C-Level at the World Economic Forum in Davos with inspiring key notes to kick off the day with getting-things-done energy.

Digital Festival

The Digital Festival brings together participants from C-level executives to hackers to experience the latest technologies, explore emerging trends and exchange new ideas. With over 30 keynotes, 60 labs and 10 sessions, the Digital Festival offers a high variety of different themes and formats.

More information on the Digital Festival

Corporate Startup Summit

Connecting Corporate Decision Makers, Innovation Managers, Corporate Startups/Intrapreneurs for exchanging best practice, showcasing and rewarding intrapreneurship, inspiring collaboration and networking.

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