Politico-Economic Environment

Commitment to political framework conditions that support a thriving  innovation ecosystem

To promote both innovation in Switzerland and digital transformation in all areas of society, it takes not only business and academia, but also the support and willpower of the government to move ahead. Ideal framework conditions are necessary to make use of the potential of digitalisation. Therefore, an intensive exchange between business, academia and governmental stakeholders is essential and stimulating at the same time.

Digital Action Plan

To move Switzerland forward, a Digital Action Plan was established in 2017. It encompasses Within this Digital Action Plan, six action fields filled with concrete implementation projects, out of which specific recommendations were created. The action fields include the following:

  • Society | Digital Transformation
  • Business | Ecosystem | Innovation
  • Education | Research
  • Regulation
  • Infrastructure | Data Policy
  • Cyber Security

Within the Digital Action Plan, digitalswitzerland organises workshops for its members to push the projects forward, together with relevant partners from the network. Deepdive issues include blockchain technology, cybersecurity and health. Ideas such as the E-ID, mobility initiative as well as push for 5G have their origins within this project.

100 Digital Shapers of Switzerland

In cooperation with Bilanz and a jury of experts, digitalswitzerland nominates each year the top 100 digital shapers of Switzerland. Together with the digital shapers, digitalswitzerland launched the digital manifesto, which found its way into the Digital Action Plan. For 2018, digitalswitzerland and Bilanz are looking for the next generation of digital shapers. Check out the digital shapers of 2017.