Ever wondered how the Swiss Tech Startup Ecosystem looks like? SICTIC and digitalswitzerland made it happen and brought it all together – for now on paper. We are happy to be part of such a thriving and growing ecosystem and we want to thank you for your energy and passion you put into it each and every day. Together we can truly bring Switzerland and its startups to the forefront of technology. Worldwide.

The Swiss Tech Startup Ecosystem Infografic provides you with everything you need. From Co-Working spaces and Accelerators to make your business fly, Science Teachings, Trainings and Coaches to support you with the crucial knowledge and advice, Investors, Awards and Supporters to secure your funding, to Events, Information Platforms and Associations to link you to the right people at the right time.

In case your initiative is missing in the picture, we are sincerely sorry. Please contact SICTIC directly for that. Furthermore, you will find the newest version of our clickable infografic here.