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We may not have all the answers, but all questions are welcome. Please feel free to send us your media inquiries, your questions about membership or non-political partnership, your ideas or requests. We look forward to hearing from you, in any of the Confederation’s official languages or in English.

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Do you have any further questions about becoming a member of digitalswitzerland or a non-political partner of our foundation? We would be delighted to discuss our offers with you.

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Political Framework

Politics actively supports the process of digital transformation for our society and economy by implementing necessary reforms and initiatives. Switzerland has enormous opportunities to benefit from digitalisation if it is promoted and lived by all stakeholders.

How can we create a political framework that enables success?

A strong telecommunications infrastructure and a well educated information and communications technology (ICT) workforce build the basis of digital innovation. Together with the private sector and civil society, we continue to initiate the conversation around new technologies. We actively engage in and lead political initiatives around digital frameworks that contribute to the prosperity of our country and benefit everyone in Switzerland.

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Andreas W. Kaelin
Senior Advisor