With the vision to infuse collaboration and future growth between startups and corporations we developed a lean and efficient matchmaking format – the Startup Bootcamp. Together with our partner we scout the trending ScaleUps in the specific area and connect them with our Swiss corporate network. In just 3 hours we invite participants to over 45 one-to-one meetings.

followed by the start-ups; then there is the opportunity to exchange information in 15-minute one-to-one meetings. Get a glimpse at the trending ScaleUps in the Mobility & Smart City space in 2021:

Urban Connect AGYour corporate shared mobility platform.
V-Labs SAAugmented reality for cm accurate geospatial data.
SoFlow AGA leader in e-mobility working on the future of urban mobility.
Kido Dynamics SAUnderstand people’s mobility to boost your business.
Breeze TechnologiesFighting air pollution with artificial intelligence.
ViaNova.ioEuropean data platform empowering cities with greener mobility and more liveable streets thanks to actionable insights.
Enerdrape SàrlTurning underground environments into renewable source of energy.
Leaftech GmbHThe AI driven digital twin for enhanced building control and design for greater energy efficiency.
ShadeMeDecentralized smart blinds.
Uzufly Sàrl3D modeling of infrastructure and urban projects to enhance engagement and collaboration during the planning phase.
UnivrsesBuilding the autonomous future.
MeepMove smarter, become a Meeper. A new way to travel based on you.
EcosteerData ownership for a new distributed and decentralized data economy.

The Scale up bootcamps is an initiative by digitalswitzerland powered by Venturelab, in partnership with Gebert Rüf Stiftung, and Venture Kick.