Switzerland is the first country in Europe to dedicate an entire day to foster a dialogue about the opportunities and challenges of digitalization across economy, science, politics, academia and the public: the Digital Day. The second edition will take place on October 25; more than 70 partner organizations and cantons, and 3 Federal Councillors will join forces. But do we need such a Day? And why? Birgit Pestalozzi, our Head of Public Dialogue & Digital Day has some answers.

We are experiencing a revolution: digitalisation is changing so many aspects of our lives: From the way we travel, to how we work, communicate and live. This leaves us with uncertainty and many open questions. Tackling these open questions is one goal of the upcoming Digital Day.

Embracing the opportunities, overcoming the challenges

Digital transformation or digitisation is a fact and already a reality today, the recent past and will stay here for the future. digitalswitzerland is convinced that it brings both opportunities and challenges – as in every previous revolution. So the real question that we need to answer as a society, economy, government and on an individual level is what will we make of it and how can we embrace the manifold opportunities while at the same time overcoming the challenges ahead?

Robots at school classes, drones in rescue missions

That’s why establishing a dialogue with the Swiss population is so important, which is precisely what the Digital Day seeks to achieve. During the nationwide day of action, experts will personally guide people through the digital world, answer questions and make the many facets of digitalisation tangible. In Zurich, for example, you will have the chance to learn about a robot that enables a sick girl to attend her school classes; you will learn about Big Data and Artificial Intelligence; and you’ll hear about drones made in Switzerland that support rescue missions all around the globe. At the same time, Yverdon in Western Switzerland will turn into a cyber security hub, to showcase the potential of digital transformation and learn the basics of data security and data protection both at home and at work.


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