For the first time since 1954, there will be a circuit race in Switzerland on June 10, 2018. But those expecting loud engine noise will be disappointed. The ABB FIA Formula E Championship with its electric racecars makes its premier stop in the Limmatstard as part of the Julius Baer Zurich E-Prix.

The Race is on

On April 20, Sébasteien Buemi, an ex-formula E driver, surprised his compatriots with a ride in a Formula E racing car through the streets of Zurich.

This heralds the start of the Julius Baer Zurich E-Prix. This race, which will be shown on TV, is hopefully the starting point for Zurich to take up a pioneering role in the global discussion about Smart City and sustainable mobility.

More than a race

In order to reach this goal, it also needs the appropriate dialogue platforms. The eDays are the official supporting program of the Julius Baer Zurich E-Prix and take place the week before the race weekend. digitalswitzerland is the proud partner of eDays. Under the motto “More than a Race”, the goal is to raise public awareness about renewable energy and innovation issues.

As part of the digitalswitzerland Market Entry Bootcamp, the eDays enable a platform for start-ups in the fields of smart city, e-mobility and renewable energies with innovative ideas and solutions. The eDays startups will be presented as part of the digitalswitzerland Market Entry Bootcamp. The program will take place in Zurich from 4 to 7 June, giving young companies access to a unique network, bringing them new business knowledge and making international startups known to the Swiss corporates and accelerators.

Other topics of the program are the eDays Campus at the ETH Zurich and the eDays Dialog.

The eDays Campus facilitates the exchange between science, industry and the interested public. The event, which will be held at ETH Zurich, will provide groundbreaking exchanges through discussion opportunities and keynotes with international speakers on sustainability, electric and urban mobility and new technologies. A mobility that is climate-friendly, energy-efficient and payable at the same time: this is a central topic of research and education at ETH Zurich.

The eDays dialogue is organized by TEDxZurich. The proven TEDx concept provides a stage for visionary ideas and projects. Self-driving cars, the Hyperloop, water and air taxis, drones and flying bikes all seem to become part of our reality sooner or later. It’s time to talk about the impact of transportation on society once again. Under the theme “What moves us”, ideas that cause head-shaking today, but tomorrow a respectful nod, will be discussed.