The forces of existing STEM initiatives have come together for the first time to form a powerful national umbrella campaign. The aim is to foster interest in young people to pursue STEM training and professions. The national STEM campaign, co-initiated by digitalswitzerland and Pro Juventute also counts other partners, including ETH, SAV, and Swissmem and it is carried out in three national languages.

World changing career choices

STEM is part of the solution to face the challenges of the future. This includes exciting work to tackle climate change and health issues. Through pursuing a STEM profession, it’s possible to contribute to make the world a better place through academic activities or apprenticeships.

The advantage of STEM is that it spans a wide variety of professions. It also offers excellent career development opportunities with endless scope for interests. From an ICT perspective, students can learn cybersecurity and data science disciplines. There are also opportunities for a hands-on approach in the areas of civil engineering and infrastructure. When it comes to technology, machine tooling or innovative applied research might be of interest. It’s time to embrace a career path full of possibilities for growth and success.

«Computational Thinking Initiative»

Computational thinking, which includes creative problem solving and programming is a fundamental competence in digitalisation. The general objective of the CTI is that in the future, every Swiss primary and secondary school is able to offer teaching in computational thinking.

It is a key part of STEM, in that ICT spans many of the STEM disciplines. Learning computational thinking is therefore an integral part of the STEM campaign, co-initiated by digitalswitzerland and Pro Juventute.