Switzerland’s healthcare system offers one of the best quality of care in the world. But it faces multiple challenges linked to its high costs and limited resources. Digital solutions will push the barriers of healthcare because digitalisation will pave the way for a sustainable and efficient healthcare system, providing high quality care to all patients while optimising data management and health navigation. Just as importantly, the healthcare system of the future must be patient-oriented: empowering citizens to better navigate their health journey digitally, to access relevant information and focus more on preventive activities so that people can be more active and stay healthier longer. 

The digital health ecosystem in Switzerland is growing exponentially, with thought leaders building innovative solutions to tackle these ambitious challenges. To accelerate this change and identify potentially game changing solutions, digitalswitzerland has decided to launch its first edition of the Digital Health Academy. The Academy aims to strengthen collaboration between thought leaders in the ecosystem to push the barriers of healthcare in Switzerland.

Digital Health Academy

In collaboration with the Swiss Healthcare Startups, we officially launched our Digital Health Academy this year during the Startup Days in Bern at the end of May. We are proud to announce that four scaleups were selected based on their innovative and ambitious solutions, which empower the Swiss population to own and understand their healthcare data. During the six month of the programme, these scaleups will:

  • Be mentored by our expert panel
  • Participate in exciting workshops organised by our partners, to dive in to key topics required for scaling their solutions 
  • Join the VentureLab Scaleup bootcamp aimed at matchmaking corporates and scaleups
  • Visit events to expand their network within the industry. 

Their journey will position them as thought leaders at key ecosystem events such as Digital Health Day in Zurich (27 September 2023) and AI for Health in Geneva (7 December 2023). The programme will close with the publication of a visual state of innovation whitepaper.

From left to right: Matthias Spühler (CEO, heyPatient), Maria Fernanda Scoz Luz (Healthcare and Life sciences Business Developer, Decentriq), Phil Norris (Lead Scaleup Enablement, digitalswitzerland)

Our innovative scaleup cohort

We are very happy to give you a sneak peek into our four selected scaleups which are part of digitalswitzerland’s Digital Health Academy 2023!

Decentriq is a Saas platform revolutionising data collaboration with its state-of-the-art data clean rooms. Leveraging Confidential Computing, an advanced encryption technology, Decentriq enables secure and privacy-centric data analysis without exposing the actual data. Tailored for healthcare, Decentriq makes it easy to collaborate across boundaries and organisations.

heyPatient is an open, patient-centred platform with an integrated app (digital health companion). The SaaS solution aims to set new standards in healthcare. Safety measures include SwissID patient identification, Swiss data storage, encrypted data transmission via dedicated FHIR Agents. 

Soignez-moi enables quality medical care at an affordable price from anywhere. By offering remote consultations (from home, work, …) and without waiting, Soignez-moi responds to the current needs of patients to access high-quality medical care without having to take time off, travel or wait. Days of issues that can be relieved with a simple phone call.

Tom Medications is unlocking insights into patient behaviour: a new dimension in the depth of real-world data. The TOM-App accelerates the access to a highly engaged and anonymous community of chronic patients to an unprecedented degree and provides accurate data on patient behaviour in storyboards for brands or disease pathways.

Are you interested in learning more?

Get in touch with Jade Sternberg, Project Lead Digital Health, to learn more about the Digital Health Academy and the initiative.