Digitalisation of the healthcare system is an important topic in Switzerland. Many actors have developed new solutions and initiatives to support this ambitious goal. Because of this, it is hard to keep track of all activities and what they focus on.

That’s why we have created an ecosystem map to illustrate the different digital solutions focussing on enhancing the digital patient journey and the digitalisation of the healthcare system in Switzerland.

This map will help you to better understand the complexity of the ecosystem, find synergies between different organisations, enhance collaboration and identify existing gaps.

New edition of the Ecosystem Map | Q1 2024

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The list is not exhaustive; if a solution or initiative is missing or if you want to give feedback, please email

Category Definitions

To better understand the categories of the map and to navigate easily, please see below:

  • Data Interoperability: Solutions and initiatives enabling health data to be securely exchanged or transferred in a meaningful and coherent way between different systems, devices, applications or products
  • Health Monitoring: Solutions and initiatives enabling the monitoring of physical, functional or cognitive changes to one’s health or managing one’s health effectively and efficiently
  • Healthcare Interactions: Solutions and initiatives enabling patients to easily and efficiently interact with healthcare stakeholders (appointment scheduling, communication, data access, telemedicine etc.)
  • Medical Data History: Solutions and initiatives enabling the tracking and storing of medical information efficiently or managing medical data for the electronic patient record
  • Prevention / Awareness: Solutions and initiatives enabling understanding and access to knowledge in health. This includes health, healthcare, its services as well as preventive actions to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We will update this map every quarter.

Are you interested to read more about digital health topics? Explore findings from our recent study: “The digital healthcare system from the perspective of the population.”

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