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We may not have all the answers, but all questions are welcome. Please feel free to send us your media inquiries, your questions about membership or non-political partnership, your ideas or requests. We look forward to hearing from you, in any of the Confederation’s official languages or in English.

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Do you have any further questions about becoming a member of digitalswitzerland or a non-political partner of our foundation? We would be delighted to discuss our offers with you.

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Community Talks

With the Community Talks, digitalswitzerland creates a strong and vibrant community to raise awareness, share, learn and network.

About Community Talks

Community Talks is an event format that was developed based on extensive and regular exchanges with our members and partners. Community Talks are more than just gatherings; with a diverse range of topics and speakers, each event serves to equip our members and partners with new skills and meaningful connections. Curated by digitalswitzerland under the Community Talks umbrella, these events give our members and partners the opportunity to become more visible within the community, establish contacts across Switzerland, share or expand their expertise and help other members and partners grow their knowledge while gaining new insights themselves. Community Talks may be organised by digitalswitzerland or by one of our members and partners with the support of digitalswitzerland. What all events have in common is that they are open to everyone in our member and partner community, no matter which industry they are coming from.



Members and partners have the opportunity to become more visible and share their expertise on stage with others.


digitalswitzerland brings our community closer together and provides the opportunity to be part of a group of experts that make the digital transformation happen.


Learn from experts and gain valuable knowledge to further advance in digital topics.


Community Talks are an excellent opportunity to discuss relevant topics around the impact of digitalisation on our lives and give them dedicated attention.

Who to contact?

Reach out to Astrid Mondésert or Simon Schmidli for general information and opportunities regarding Community Talks.

If you already have an idea and a specific topic in mind to organise your own Community Talks, feel free to contact our Project Managers below according to your topic. We look forward to hearing your idea.

Digital Health: Jade Sternberg
Scaleup Enablement: Phil Norris
Education, Professionals & Diversity: Simon Schmidli
Politico-Economic Environment: Mattia Balsiger
eSustainability: Clara Wrede
Infrastructure & Cybersecurity: Kristof Hertig

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our various programmes and activities.

Astrid Mondésert
Project Manager | Education, Professionals & Diversity
Simon Schmidli
Senior Project Manager and Team Lead Education, Professionals & Diversity