Team of digitalswitzerland

This is about who we are and what we do: We are the operational team of digitalswitzerland and your first contact concerning our digitalswitzerland initiatives.

Nicolas Bürer

Managing Director

Sébastien Kulling

Head of Suisse Romande

Guillaume Gabus

Senior Project Manager

Alina Schönenberger

Head of Relations & Operations

Matthias Zwingli

Project Manager Startup Enablement

Léonard Héritier

Communications & Project Manager Digital Day

Niniane Paeffgen

Communications & Project Manager Politico-Economic Environment

Birgit Pestalozzi

Senior Director / Head of Public Dialogue & Digital Day

Diana Engetschwiler

Senior Project Manager Public Dialogue & Digital Day

Pascal Schöni

Intern Public Dialogue

Danièle Castle

Senior Director Education & Talent

Daniel Ginter

Senior Director Corporate Enablement

Irena Patljak

Relations & Operations Manager

Natasha Durrer

Relations & Operations Manager