Team of digitalswitzerland

This is about who we are and what we do: We are the operational team of digitalswitzerland and your first contact concerning our digitalswitzerland initiatives.

Nicolas Bürer

Managing Director

Sébastien Kulling

Head of Suisse Romande & Deputy Managing Director

Guillaume Gabus

Senior Project Manager

Alina Schönenberger

Head of Relations & Operations

Matthias Zwingli

Project Manager Startup Enablement

Léonard Héritier

Communications & Project Manager Digital Day

Niniane Paeffgen

Communications & Project Manager Politico-Economic Environment

Birgit Pestalozzi

Senior Director / Head of Public Dialogue & Digital Day

Diana Engetschwiler

Senior Project Manager Public Dialogue & Digital Day

Pascal Schöni

Intern Public Dialogue

Danièle Castle

Senior Director Education & Talent

Daniel Ginter

Senior Director Corporate Enablement

Irena Patljak

Relations & Operations Manager

Natasha Durrer

Relations & Operations Manager

Stéphanie Schenk

Head of Communications and Marketing