Do you have goal to learn basic and more advanced digital skills? Are you keen to remain competent in your job role as rapid digitalisation continues to transforms our lives? The Boost Programme “Your opportunity to remain competent” offers Swiss workers the opportunity to acquire digital skills and basic competences through conditional co-financing.

We believe that to strengthen the opportunity of career progression and future success, Swiss workers must have a basic level of digital competences within their grasp. That is why the digitalswitzerland Boost Programme 2021 and 2022, with the support of UBS, will scale up to create more impact and upskill even more workers.

A new focus: supporting the lower-qualified workforce

The programme for the next two years will complement the previous proven programme for general digital upskilling. A new second track will focus on attracting candidates from the low-skilled workforce. Data from SBFI suggests that the lower-qualified workforce is less likely to engage in lifelong learning compared to other populations. We hope to double the percentage of people (from approximately 30% to 60%) who gain new skills as a direct result of engagement with the Boost Programme.

Why are basic digital skills so important?

It is imperative for Swiss workers to become proficient in digital skills to compete within Switzerland and on the global stage. If workers become stagnant in their knowledge base and in digital skills, they risk becoming locked into roles. The result is that career progression can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. There is an added risk of job loss as digitalisation, automation and new technologies continue to shape our lives and replace job roles. This is why the main focus for the Boost programme during 2021 and 2022 will be on the provision of basic digital skills. This complementary focus is appropriate for the following reasons:

  • Basic digital skills are the critical foundation for any professional development in the future. Without them, opportunities for further development will remain inaccessible.
  • Focusing on basic competencies will enable an important multiplication effect of the Boost programme. 
  • This allows the allocation of programme funds where they have the highest expected activating effect.

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If you are interested in the Boost programme, visit lifelonglearning. Entrants can fill out an online application form, with the application phase will run until September 2022.

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