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Digital Expert Community

Knowing everything has never been a goal of ours. But we know those who do. That’s why we’ve invited experts in our network to become part of an expert group, ready to address specific questions that go beyond what’s googleable in an appropriate amount of time. Our experts provide insights, food for thought and answers on a variety of topics.

Email to connect with one of the experts below.

Blockchain & DLT Experts Cybersecurity Experts Digital Sustainability Experts eGov & Infrastructure Experts Robotics & Hardware Experts Trust in Society Experts AI & Data Insights Experts Digital Health Experts

Blockchain & DLT Experts

Blockchain & DLT have a relatively short history and are thought to harbour great potential for a variety of business applications. These are the people that can explain said potential and put it into context.

Tony DeBos
Vice President Services EMEA, Kudelski Security
Dr. Gero Dittmann
Research Staff Member, IBM Research Lab Zurich
Manuel Forster
Senior Software Architect, AdNovum Informatik AG
Andreas Haus
Blockchain Specialist at Siemens Mobility
Dr. Luka Müller
Founding Partner of MME Legal AG and Co-Founder/Chairman of Sygnum Bank AG
Patrick Prinz
Managing Director, Bitcoin Association for BSV
Andrea Scarinci
Innovation Engineer at Lugano Living Lab, City of Lugano
Sheila Warren
Deputy Head of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR), Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum
Petar Zelic
Digital Assets and Currencies, Accenture

Cybersecurity Experts

A key factor of success for all digital products and services is trust. Increasing societal awareness on the risks of data breaches, leaks, theft, misuse, disruption and other misconduct leads to nation wide discussions, led by some of our experts.

Maya Bundt
Member of the Board of Directors, APG SGA
David Gugelmann
CEO & Founder of Exeon Analytics
Thomas Holderegger
President, Cybersecurity Committee
Security Lead for Switzerland, Accenture
Jan Jaeger
Chief Technology Officer at LzLabs
Christoph Koch
Chief Technology Officer, Cisco
Martin Leuthold
Head of Network & Security, Switch
Dr. Alina Matyukhina
Cybersecurity Manager at Siemens
Maik Paprott
Team Leader Cyber Defense Center, UMB
Dr. Tom Sprenger
Chief Technology Officer SwissSign Group AG
Nicola Staub
Founder & CEO of CYBERA and Ambassador, Global Cyber Alliance

Digital Sustainability Experts

In recent years we’ve made rapid advances that could have a remarkable impact on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Digitalisation’s role in reaching those goals is the area of expertise of the experts below.

Dr Pierre-Jean Alet
Sector Head, Digital Energy Solutions, CSEM
Babak Falsafi
President, SDEA, Founding Director, EcoCloud, Professor, EPFL
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Obwegeser
Head of Institute Digital Technology Management, Professor at Bern University of Applied Sciences
Thilo Rockmann
Chairman, LzLabs

eGov & Infrastructure Experts

Governments are faced with a mammoth undertaking: To make services safe, trustworthy and accessible for all citizens – also in the digital space. Please reach out to us in order to continue this important conversation with one of our eGovernment & Infrastructure experts.

Joel Curado
Head of Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, Country Digital Acceleration, Cisco Switzerland
Christoph Graf
Program Manager, Switch
Renato Gunc
President, eGov-Schweiz Association
Giovanni Putignano
Google Cloud - Public Sector Lead Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Riedl
Professor at Bern University of Applied Sciences, Head of BFH Center Digital Society

Robotics & Hardware Experts

As a society we project great hopes and fears onto robots. Our robotics & hardware experts support in demystifying the topic, foster understanding and provide context.

Fabrizio Lamari
Team Leader Robotic Process Automation, UMB
Philipp Schmid
Head Research and Business Development Industry 4.0 & Machine Learning, CSEM
Mario Schmuziger
Director Solution Center Industry & Consumer Products, Zühlke Group
Bernd Schneider
Industry Technology Lead Manufacturing & Customer Engineer Google Cloud Switzerland

Trust in Society Experts

The most urgent challenges we face today are no longer technological, they’re societal. The direct influence of trust in society on our way of working, living and co-existing may be explained by our expert community.

Claudio Crivelli
Salesforce Senior Director, Global Private Equity Practice
Marco Huwiler
Country Managing Director, Accenture
Anna Kuhn
Data Protection Officer, Switch
Gregory Leproux
Director Solution Engineering at Salesforce
Niniane Paeffgen
Former Managing Director at Swiss Digital Initiative
Dr. Karin Vey
Senior Executive Innovation Consultant, ThinkLab, IBM Research Zurich

AI & Data Insights Experts

Every day we capture more information about the world around us than ever before. How can AI & Data Insights advance our understanding of the world around us? 

Nordal Cavadini
Partner at Oliver Wyman, Retail and Consumer Goods
Kay Firth-Butterfield
Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum
Isabell Franck
Head of Analytics & AI, Deputy Head of Digitalisation, Post
Parveen Jaswal
Head of Automation, Robotics, Analytics & AI in Atos Switzerland
Franziska-Juliette Klebôn
Head of Data & AI at Microsoft Switzerland
Gabriel Krummenacher
Principal Data Scientist & Team Lead at Zühlke
Prof Dr. Mascha Kurpicz-Briki
Professor at Bern University of Applied Sciences
Iveta Lohovska
Principal Data Scientist and AI Ambasedor at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Switzerland
Prof. Fernando Perez-Cruz
Chief Data Scientist at SDSC
Dr Marcin Pietrzyk
CEO & Founder at Unit8
Ireneu Pla
Data Engineer, AdNovum Informatique
Fabio Torrisi
Head Analytics, Migros

Digital Health Experts

Digitalisation is profoundly changing the way we view and practice medicine, think about healthcare and all related fields. Our experts are available for commentaries on the complexity surrounding eHealth.

Lars Baacke
Expert of the SwissICT-Fachgruppe
Marcel Boller
Attorney at law, Wenger & Vieli Ltd.
Andri Färber
Director, Institute of Business Information Technology, ZHAW School of Management and Law
Ralf Klappert
Head of business line - Health & Life Sciences, ELCA
Michèle Mühlemann
Innovation Manager, CSS Health Insurance
Reto Schumacher
Manager Business Development & Innovation), Medbase (Migros subsidiary)
Marcel Thom
Insurance Lead Switzerland & Digital Health Lead Germany/Switzerland/Austria, Accenture
Dr. Garif Yalak
Head of Digital Transformation Healthcare, Education & Governance, Country Digital Acceleration, Cisco Switzerland