One of the stated aims of the digitalswitzerland nextgeneration programme is to develop talents for the future and foster passion in youngsters’ minds for ICT and STEM subjects. The six high quality summer camps that are offered by the digitalswitzerland next generation initiative, all offer slightly different courses at various times in cities across Switzerland.  ICT Scouts & Camps is focused on identification and recruitment of future talents during the year, for a first time they will run a camp for kids  in August.

Looking for young ICT/STEM talent
(content provided by Dominik Strobel, ICT Scouts & Campus)

In a normal week, ICT Scouts & Campus is a systematic recruitment (ICT Scouts) and continuous promotional (ICT Campus) programme for young ICT/STEM talents in and around Zurich. ICT Scouts visit every 7th grade secondary school class and invite talents to join a three year campus programme where they can engross their talents in a fun environment with peers of their own. This programme is aimed at maximizing the Swiss ICT/STEM talent pool and preparing them for an education in a STEM field.

It was not long before other interest groups came asking, “What about us?”! Genuine ICT education worthy of its name is not available anywhere in the Swiss school system, no matter what the “Lehrplan 21” may say.

KidsCodeCamp: One week of summer holidays well spend

For the first time this summer,  ICT Scouts & Campus is offering a one-week day camp from August 6-10 for primary school kids in Muttenz (near Basel).

Along with the experienced ICT Campus coaches, children age 8 – 12 experience just how fascinating, varied and fun IT can be. Integrate your self-developed secret codes and computer riddles into your own scavenger-hunt, programme your own computer game, build your own joystick with tin-foil, card-board and MakeyMakey, engineer a Lego Robot and measure it up against your peers in combat… These are just a few of the fun things you’ll do at KidsCodeCamp! Sign up here.

Besides KidsCodeCamp, ICT Scouts & Campus also offers basic programming workshops for teachers throughout the year. These are available online as well as life for groups of eight teachers and up:

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