Board of digitalswitzerland

digitalswitzerland comprises more than 130 leading companies, organisations, academia and politics to achieve its mission. To guide the organisation, the Executive Committee accompanies digitalswitzerland in concrete projects in the operational phase. The Steering Committee controls and steers via the overall strategy for digitalswitzerland.

Members of the Executive Committee

Christian Wenger

Wenger & Vieli, President of the Executive Committee

Fathi Derder

National Council FDP

Lorenz Furrer

Managing Partner at furrerhugi

Marc Gruber

Vice President for Innovation at EPFL

Detlef Günther

Vice President Research and Corporate Relations, ETH Zurich

Urs Häusler

CEO valantic CEC Schweiz

Patrik Wermelinger

Member of the Executive Committee, Switzerland Global Enterprise

Marcel Stalder

CEO EY Switzerland

Pascale Vonmont

Direktorin, Gebert Rüf Stiftung

Marc Walder

CEO, Ringier

Patrick Warnking

Country Director Google Switzerland

Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler

Chief Digital Officer, Swisscom

Roland Siegwart

Professor of Autonomous Systems at ETH Zurich

Ruedi Noser

ICT entrepreneur and Council of State (FDP, ZH)

Stefan Schöbi

Head of Engagement, Migros development fund

Members of the Steering Committee

Marc Walder

CEO Ringier, President of the Steering Committee

Ivo Furrer

VR Helvetia und Julius Bär

Lukas Gähwiler

Chairman UBS Switzerland

Calvin Grieder

Chairman at Bühler

Lino Guzzella

President ETH

Michael Hengartner

President of the University of Zurich

Andreas Staubli

CEO PwC Switzerland

Heinz Karrer

President economiesuisse

Daniel Küng

CEO Switzerland Global Enterprise

Robert Itschner

Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung ABB Schweiz

Pierre Maudet

State Councilor, State of Geneva

Andreas Meyer


Urs Schaeppi

CEO Swisscom

Joos Sutter

Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung von Coop

Walter Thurnherr


Martin Vetterli

President EPFL

Patrick Warnking

Country Director Google Switzerland

Roberto A. Busin

CEO Infosys Consulting Switzerland

Alexander Grünwald

Managing Director GCA Altium Switzerland AG

Daniel H. Schmutz

CEO Helsana

Lucian Schönefelder

Director of Private Equity and TMT Growth KKR

Philipp Gmür

CEO Helvetia Group

Philomena Colatrella

CEO, Vorsitzende der Konzernleitung, CSS Versicherung

Stefan Pfister

CEO KPMG Switzerland

Carlo Giorgi

Managing Director HPE Switzerland

Jean-François Manzoni

President IMD

Urs Berger

President Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation

Christophe Darbellay

Chef des Departements für Volkswirtschaft und Bildung

Christian Keller

Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung IBM Schweiz

Iris Grewe

Regional Leader Switzerland, Italy and Austria, Bearingpoint

Luciana Vaccaro

Rector of HES-SO

Nicole Burth

CEO Adecco Group Switzerland

Thomas Gottstein

CEO Swiss Universal Bank und Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG

Patrizia Pesenti

Former State Councilor, State of Ticino

Markus Hongler

CEO die Mobiliar

Christian Wenger

Partner, Wenger & Vieli

Alois Zwinggi

Managing Director, World Economic Forum

Domenico Scala


Ruedi Noser

ICT entrepreneur and Council of State

Peter Maurer

President, ICRC

Olivier Curty

State Councilor and Director Ministry of Economic Affairs, Canton de Fribourg

Simona Scarpaleggia

CEO IKEA Switzerland

Urs Durrer

Vorsteher Amt für Wirtschaft Kanton Schwyz

Felix Graf

CEO Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Filippo Lombardi

President, Kommunikation Schweiz

Ancillo Canepa

President, FCZ

Markus Naef

CEO SwissSign

Marianne Janik

General Manager, Microsoft Switzerland

Why digitalswitzerland

Marc Walder, CEO Ringier

“Switzerland has what it takes to establish itself as a leading European digital-innovation hub. That is what digitalswitzerland intends to achieve.”

Corine Mauch, Mayor of Zurich

“The digital future and its manifold impacts are a major challenge for society and economy. My patronage for digitalswitzerland endorses the commitment of the City of Zürich and underlines our goal to establish Switzerland as a digital country and as an international hotspot for ICT companies.”

Ruedi Noser, Council of State (FDP, ZH)

“The Swiss economy produces the most innovation in the world. To stay on top, we must ensure that new and smart ideas can continue to succeed in an increasingly digital and fast-paced business world. digitalswitzerland bridges the gap between established corporates in Switzerland and the young and ambitious global startup community. I am convinced that by joining forces and working side by side, startups can succeed faster and better in Switzerland.”

Urs Schäppi, CEO Swisscom

“We live in an increasingly digitized world, which is set to change and revolutionize our business and private lives in the longterm. Fast-paced technological progress and dynamic development offer the corporate world and Switzerland a huge opportunity to remain successful in the future.

To successfully maintain our lead in the digital world we need an essentially liberal mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, pragmatism and partnerships. digitalswitzerland pools scientific, industrial and political competencies and combines them in a promising ecosystem to make the most of the opportunities in this fascinating world.”

Markus Binkert, CCO Swiss International Air Lines

“We believe in Switzerland as a nourishing ground for creativity and digital entrepreneurship. In a fast moving airline industry competition can only be faced with competitiveness and small markets need to be smart and need external input.
The digitalswitzerland initiative supports us on all fronts to tackle the digital challenges and to position SWISS as a leading airline player in the “new world”.”

Ivo Furrer, CEO Swiss Life Switzerland

“I am very pleased about the initiative digitalswitzerland. The digital transformation affects the entire economy of Switzerland and all industries – so we want to support this change and to drive it with an innovative spirit.”

Marcel Stalder, CEO EY Switzerland

“At EY we believe that digitalization plays a critical role in reshaping today’s global marketplace towards new realities. While we enable our clients to rethink their strategies and transform their businesses, digitalswitzerland provides a platform that connects established business with the digital leaders of tomorrow. It is a place for new ideas to thrive and untapped potential for sustainable businesses to grow – towards building a better working world for all of us.”

Lukas Gähwiler, President Switzerland UBS

“Digitization is revolutionizing the way we do business and will increasingly do so in future. In order to strengthen Switzerland as an innovation center we have to position it as one of the most attractive places for digital enterprises, start-ups and talents. UBS, as a global bank headquartered in Zurich and with a deep and continued commitment to Switzerland, has a genuine interest in achieving the vision of digitalswitzerland.”

Andreas Meyer, CEO SBB

“Smart Services for our Customers – Smart Working and Living, Smart Cities, Smart Mobility – in an increasingly digitalized world. Together with other companies and universities we are highly committed to use and boost the competencies and innovation potential across Switzerland and digitalswitzerland is an excellent initiative to achieve these objectives.”

Heinz Karrer, President economiesuisse

“The digital transformation is full of great opportunities for the Swiss economy. By joining forces we can position Switzerland successfully for the markets of the future, and boost our economy’s productivity.”

Christian Wenger, Wenger & Vieli

“Wenger & Vieli strongly believes in the disruptive nature of the digital transformation and its fundamental impact on society. As a founding member of digitalswitzerland we are proud to be part of the digital evolution that’s unfolding in this wonderful country.”

Markus Hongler, CEO Mobiliar

“When I heard of digitalswitzerland, I was really keen to provide some added value from Berne. As Switzerland’s most personal insurance company, Swiss Mobiliar is close to its customers. Understanding customer needs also plays an important role in the digital world.”

Urs Rüegsegger, CEO SIX

“As a successful financial services provider with enormous technical and IT expertise, SIX is predestined to take a leading role in the digitalization and strengthening of the FinTech scene within Switzerland.”

Prof. Lino Guzzella, President ETH

“We all have witnessed how the digital revolution has been a disruptive force for the economy and affected everybody’s life – a trend that will continue. ETH Zurich has a long-standing tradition in computing and information technology, most recently exemplified through strategic foci in Data Sciences and the study of Cyber-Physical Systems. We are thus delighted to be part of an initiative that is aimed to bring forces together and make Switzerland an internationally recognized digital hub.”

Dr. Nordal Cavadini, Partner Oliver Wyman

“Oliver Wyman successfully supported the City of New York as an exclusive knowledge sponsor throughout its MediaNYC2020 initiative, an ongoing effort over the past years to make New York a better home for media companies and digital entrepreneurs. As an international management consultancy with a strong presence in Switzerland and long-term commitment to the Swiss market we are delighted to provide our deep expertise to digitalswitzerland based on our comprehensive experience in the field and we are excited to contribute to strengthening Switzerland more broadly as a digital hub.”

Patrick Warnking, Country Director Google Switzerland

“Switzerland has a long tradition in innovation and Zurich is a fantastic hub for research, development and entrepreneurship. Switzerland offers everything to become a hub of innovation for digital in the center of Europe. Over the last years Goolge Switzerland engaged in many initiatives with many partners from academia and business. We are looking forward to contribute to build up and strengthen the high-potential initiative of digitalswitzerland. Talent, SMBs, Mobile, Education how to profit from the digital transformation, Start-Up Ecosystem and Export via Digital are key areas of focus.”

Herbert Bolliger, CEO Migros

“Switzerland is thriving because of its tremendous innovative drive. By working together closely in promoting the Swiss economy, we actively contribute to a business environment where the best ideas succeed. We are excited and happy to add more momentum to digitalswitzerland’s mission with the support of our Engagement Migros Development Fund.”

Andreas Staubli, CEO PwC Switzerland

“In a digitalised world, trust is the most important currency for clients and employees alike. This is the maxim of our daily work and gains expression in our partnership with digitalswitzerland.”