For the first time in 2018, the Italian part of Switzerland is represented on the “nextgeneration” platform. The nextgeneration initiative aims to stimulate the talents of tomorrow by offering a varied learning palette across Switzerland, around the approach and practice of coding as well as computational thinking, problem-solving skills, teamwork, entrepreneurship and innovation. TEENformatiCAMP is the first of the camps portrayed in a series of blogs on the nextgeneration summer camps 2018 season.

Boys and girls approach information technology

(content provided by Michela Papandrea, co-founder of TEENformatiCAMP)

The aim of the Ticino camp is to introduce young people to the world of information technology in a simple and fun way. Third and fourth graders are the target for TEENformatiCAMP, a summer camp for girls and boys in Italian-speaking Switzerland. For a full week, each day activities take place from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., including lunch with the instructors.

Understanding computers and technology beyond daily use

TEENformatiCAMP is not a simple course on how to use your computer and various programmes (Word, Excel, Power Point, …). Rather, our goal is to go into detail about how computers work and begin to understand how a computer scientist thinks and works. In fact, the activities proposed are intended to provide children with an introduction to the various areas of computer science.

Among the possible topics covered during the week:

  • How computers “speak”: binary system.
  • Graphics: how to create and edit images and videos.
  • How to “shrink” a file.
  • How the computer sorts and searches for information.
  • Learn to program by creating Computer Games.
  • How to create a web page.
  • How to protect yourself on the Internet.
  • What is a sensor?

Avoiding traps and respecting simple rules of privacy on the Internet

Computers are so much part of our lives today that we do not necessarily think about issues such as privacy, cyberbullying and data protection. Children should be exposed early to basic rules about how to protect oneself on the Internet. Should you chat online with strangers? Should you give out your phone number and email address? How should you react if someone starts to bully you online? There are some basic rules to observe which we teach the participants.

Sign your children up!

This year the TEENformatiCAMP will be from 27 to 31 August in Manno (TI). Enrolments open on May 14th.

To subscribe, go to the link: http://teenformaticamp

An added bonus: At the end of each summer camp, participants will receive a SUPSI ‘Certificate of Participation’.