Partnership with the Association Swiss Health Data Space

digitalswitzerland collaborates with our Community Partner Association Swiss Health Data Space to improve healthcare in Switzerland through secure and effective use of structured health data with a human-centred focus. Through an expedition into the Swiss health data space, pioneers test the current digital healthcare infrastructure, gain precious information about their health data, take control of it and actively help shape the health data space.

Partnership with Swiss Healthcare Startups

Our Community Partner Swiss Healthcare Startups provides invaluable in-kind support to our Digital Health initiative. We are collaborating with SHS on the Digital Health Academy and on enabling the development of new digital health solutions in Switzerland.

Partnership with DayOne Basel

Our Community Partner DayOne Basel provides invaluable in-kind support to our Digital Health initiative. digitalswitzerland collaborates with Day One on their Health Hack, the first patient-centric health hack and is part of Digital Health Nations Innobooster’s consortium and expert panel to transform healthcare together.

WEF Breakfast 2022

The WEF22 breakfast of digitalswitzerland took place at the ETH Pavilion in Davos to discuss the topic of digital health. 50 C-levels came together to exchange on this important topic. Only with a collaborative approach of all stakeholders in the healthcare sector can a common national vision for the successful digitalisation of healthcare be defined. Anne Lévy (Director of FOPH), Philomena Colatrella (CEO of CSS), Dr Christoph Franz (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Roche) and Dr. Conrad E. Müller (President of Pro UKBB Foundation) were present on stage.