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digitalswitzerland is a cross-industry association created from the shared vision of its members to strengthen the country‘s  position as a digital hub and to project those benefits across the whole of Switzerland’s industries as for example in Fintech, Life Science, Fashion, Medtech, etc. As a sign of personal commitment and dedication, the members launched several initiatives, focusing on three key areas: attracting outstanding digital talent, helping existing companies master digital challenges and significantly strengthening the Swiss startup ecosystem.

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Artificial Intelligence: Dialect-Bot

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AI (artificial intelligence) backstory February 1997.  Newsweek publishes, Steven Levy’s “The Brain’s Last Stand,” about Kasparov-Deep Blue match—the historic contest where IBM’s computer beat the world champion Grandmaster. 20 years...

Official kick-off for the Digital Day 2018

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digitalswitzerland has officially launched the preparations fo the next Digital Day 2018 with a workshop on March 1. Together with our partners and members, the Digitalday-Team brainstormed on new ideas…

E-Health: Riva Digital’s Grand Experiment

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Author’s note: The anecdote which begins Riva’s story is true. Names were omitted to protect privacy. BTW, if you want to catch my 1st Riva bet insights, follow this link...
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