In partnership with Bilanz, Handelszeitung and PME, we are delighted to celebrate the 100 Digital Shapers who are driving digital innovation and change.

A huge congratulations to these inspiring thinkers and doers who continue to push boundaries and are working to transform the future of Switzerland.

Read the full interviews with all 100 Digital Shapers in this dedicated Bilanz publication.

What makes a Digital Shaper?

Switzerland is proud to have a rich and diverse community of innovative digital thinkers. Here is the list of all ten categories:

  • The Transformers: from analogue to digital: these shapers have a track record of transforming a business.
  • The Scalers: nurture relatively young but successful international businesses in the digital field
  • The Nature Techies: put digitalisation at the service of environmental and climate protection.
  • The Coders: get hands-on with developing, programming and debugging programmes.
  • The Decentralisers: work for security and confidentiality, they distribute data around the world – with apps, blockchain, cloud & co.
  • The Infrastructure Builders: ensure the necessary framework conditions for digitisation: the technical infrastructure, the legal rules of the game, the data platforms.
  • The Cybersecurity Guards: defend systems and data against hackers, viruses and other attackers.
  • The Robot Masters: C-3PO and R2-D2 were their childhood heroes, now they develop hardware and software for robots themselves.
  • The Creatives: use digitisation imaginatively: for music or films, for art or games.
  • The eMedics: put digitalisation at the service of medicine and health.

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