Tech leaders from industry, academia and government gather to address sustainability challenges.

Many countries and businesses have made it a top priority to become more sustainable and climate neutral. But how can the two driving forces sustainability and digitalisation be combined to safeguard our future? Both today and in the coming years. Considered together, these two key topics can create ecological, economic and social benefits. A challenge as tall as sustainability can’t be addressed alone and collaboration is key.


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This was the central thread woven into a world class event during our recent World Economic Forum 2023 Breakfast event in Davos. digitalswitzerland, in partnership with Palantir, hosted an engaging event titled “Tech for Good – addressing Climate Change with Digital Solutions“. It brought together an esteemed lineup of speakers, including Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin, Dr. Alex Karp of Palantir, Dieter Vranckx of SWISS, and Dr. Peter Richner of EMPA. The format, with keynotes and a panel discussion, allowed for a rich exploration of the topic and a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights.

L-R Dr. Alex Karp, CEO Palantir and Marc Walder, Founder digitalswitzerland

Marc Walder (Founder of digitalswitzerland) and Dr. Alex Karp (CEO Palantir) welcomed our members and partners before introducing the keynote speakers. The panel that followed discussed the role of technology in addressing the pressing issue of climate change and the potential for digital solutions to have a significant impact.

Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin, Head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research

Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin highlighted the importance of Tech for Good for the Swiss economy and Swiss corporations, as well as for Swiss research and innovation. “It is important to promote the synergies between these two worlds as much as possible. This is to ensure the well-being of all in our country, but also beyond our borders. Digitalisation is a huge engine of change that is transforming society and the economy at a rapid pace. The potential is immense. Switzerland absolutely must make use of them”.

Dieter R. F. Vranckx, Chief Executive Officer at Swiss International Air Lines

Dieter Vranckx of SWISS shared his insights on the airline industry’s efforts to reduce emissions. During the pandemic, SWISS set environmental sustainability as its top priority. Vranckx is convinced that, “in the long term only airlines that become much more environmentally friendly than they are today will have a significant place in this world and contribute to the mobility of the future”. 

Peter Richner, Head of Department Engineering Sciences at Empa

Dr. Peter Richner of EMPA discussed the potential of reliable and consistent greenhouse gas data. The goal is a digital solution that simplifies the modelling and analysis of greenhouse gas emissions in all international value chains. “If we want to achieve the goal of net zero, we can only do so if we measure what we do. We need a tool that enables us all to make smarter decisions when building value chains. This is exactly what WISER makes possible”.

The event provided valuable insights into the potential of technology to address climate change and the importance of collaboration between government, industry and academia. It was a great opportunity for digitalswitzerland members and partners to learn more about the latest developments and initiatives in the field, and to network with other experts in the area.

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Photography by Moritz Schmid of Chilyvent.