On June 28th, the third Digital Day workshop took place at the EPFL in Lausanne. We did not need to test the commitment of our partners: having 50 representatives there, out of 61 partner companies and mostly Swiss Germans having travelled to Romandie, was a clear statement of interest. The workshop was focused on presenting the set up of the various locations throughout Switzerland and the content of the general programme of the second edition of the Digital Day, which takes place on October 25th this year. On the actual day, we will welcome visitors to the different sites all over Switzerland, as well as reach out to our fellow citizens to tease their curiosity and spread the word.

Where will the events take place?

The Digital Day will take place throughout Switzerland. The main centres will be located at Zurich, Geneva and Lugano railway stations. More importantly, and what should be hugely successful this year, individual hubs are organised throughout the country by digitalswitzerland’s partners, so that the day is accessible to everyone. These new locations are part of the programme and will be recognisable with the branding of the day. Most hubs decided to focus on a specific topic such as for example Cybersecurity, eGames or eHealth. They are a good reason to jump on the train to pay a visit wherever your curiosity leads you. You, who are parents, students, employees, companies, start-ups and so on, you will find answers to your questions and thirst for knowledge at the Digital Day events. So far, the Cantons of Basel Land, Fribourg, Grisons, St. Gallen, Valais and Vaud are working hard to build an enriching programme on their territories. Furthermore, given its success, the Swiss Digital Day has inspired others to follow suit. Vaduz and Poland have also decided to organise a Digital Day on October 25th.

One day, seven main topics

Like last year, to help visitors navigating through various off- and online experiences, the Digital Day programme is divided into seven thematic worlds.

Message to Mom: « Experiencing digital together »

“I know your age, I know you think you do not understand what is going on but I know you went through several changes in your life and this day is also for you! And believe me, we will give you time, explanations and the possibility to experience some technologies.”

The uniqueness of Digital Day lies in its physical presence and offline platform to jointly experience what digital is. Digital Day is an enrichment to the existing dialogue in the virtual space. Therefore, the population is invited to take part in the conversation before and during the day and to consider what contribution they can make to a successful transition towards integrating computational thinking, digital skills and competences and digital models. And because the challenges of change should be experienced and mastered together, in solidarity and collectively, digitalswitzerland and its partners invite everyone to:

• Explorer ensemble le digital
• Digital gemeinsam erleben
• Condividere un’esperienza digitale

If you have not yet done so, please jot down in your calendar #SwissDigitalDay on October 25th 2018. Stay tuned for the new website coming soon and the activation campaign. So you do not miss any information, please subscribe to our Newsletter.