Study on digitalisation and cybersecurity in SMEs 2021

The current study on digitalisation and cybersecurity in SMEs 2021 has revealed that home office has established itself as a place of work for SMEs. Small businesses in Switzerland are demonstrating flexibility. Home office uptake doubled since the start of the Corona crisis. The downside: while a quarter of the companies surveyed were affected by cyberattacks in 2020, more than a third were affected in the current survey. The implementation of technical measures against cyberattacks is at a high level. However, there is much potential in the implementation of organisational measures such as conducting security audits and employee training.

The survey was carried out on behalf of the Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company Ltd, digitalswitzerland, Allianz Digitale Sicherheit Schweiz, the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW – Digital Transformation Competence Centre and the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences SATW.

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