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Featured Speakers
MarcelStalderGroup CEO Chain IQ | Co-Founder & Head Strategy Board digitalswitzerland
CatrinHinkelCEO Microsoft Switzerland | Member Strategy Board digitalswitzerland
MarcelDoblerFormer President of ICTswitzerland | Vice-President & Member Strategy Board digitalswitzerland
StefanMetzgerCEO digitalswitzerland

Table of Contents

1. Welcome & Opening
Introduction00:00 – 00:08Catrin Hinkel
2. Purpose & History
Switzerland as a Leading Digital Nation00:08 – 00:48Marcel Stalder
From Digital Zurich 2025 to digitalswitzerland00:48 – 02:14Marcel Stalder
3. Strategy & Impact
Strategy Development02:14 – 03:17Marcel Stalder
Vision & Mission03:17 – 03:47Marcel Dobler
Impact Logic03:47 – 06:07Marcel Dobler
Catrin Hinkel
4. Member Value & Engagement
Membership Motivation06:07 – 06:47Stefan Metzger
Membership Benefits06:47 – 07:36Stefan Metzger
Engagement Opportunities07:36 – 08:08Stefan Metzger
5. Goodbye & Closing
Conclusion08:08- 08:29Marcel Stalder

Additional Information

Impact Logic: Our Vision, Mission & Impact

To achieve our vision to transform Switzerland into a leading digital nation, we act as an orchestrator together with our members, partners, and other important stakeholders – the agents of impact (“Wirkungsträger”) – in the area of B2C, B2B and B2G.

We generate impact in six fields of activity (“Wirkungsfelder”) – such as “Education, Professionals and Diversity” – thanks to joint initiatives and activities. With these, we drive the digital transformation in selected impacts streams (“Wirkungsstreams”) that are key for a digital nation (click on the image below):

Governance: Lean & Impact-Oriented

In all our activities and initiatives, we count on the strong commitment and engagement of our members and reach common goals based on a very lean and impact-driven governance as follows (click on the image below):

All our association members come together and form our “General Assembly”. The Steering Committee is the strategic advisory board to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee – our association board – is elected by the General Assembly. It is organised along our “impact logic” (“Wirkungslogik”) with accountable leaders per “Wirkungsträger” and “Wirkungsstream” and complemented by specific support functions such as: “Strategy”, “Portfolio Management”, “Nomination Committee” as well as “Risk, Compliance & Finance”.

The digitalswitzerland office is responsible for the strategy execution and mobilisation. It is present in every region of Switzerland, which emphasises our strong commitment for the regional inclusion and impact in the regions. 

Member Benefits: How Our Members Benefit

The main motivation of becoming a member of digitalswitzerland is the commitment to the long-term responsibility needed for Switzerland to become a leading digital nation to be fit for the future. However, a membership at digitalswitzerland offers many benefits and opportunities for involvement – see below:

Get Engaged & Contact Us

How can you engage and get the most out of your membership at digitalswitzerland? Here is how:

  1. Join us: Explore our event calendar and participate in our upcoming events.
  2. Get involved: Identify topics that are of specific interest and where you are passionate to contribute – have a look at our “impact logic” above or visit our website for further information.
  3. Contact us: Do not hesitate to reach out to the digitalswitzerland team if you have ideas for a potential collaboration, inputs or questions.
  4. Stay tuned: Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with news from the digitalswitzerland world and beyond.