Digital Health Academy

In partnership with Swiss Healthcare Startups, digitalswitzerland launched the Digital Health Academy, a 6-month programme, for scaleups that empower the Swiss population to own and understand their healthcare data. During this period, the scaleups are mentored by experts in the field, participate in workshops, speak at events and much more.

Electronic Patient Record Consultation

digitalswitzerland was significantly involved in the consultation of the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) which was recently submitted. The digitalswitzerland Digital Health and Public Affairs Teams with their corresponding Committees of experts were working on a united response to the consultation which has recently been submitted (October 2023).

Swiss Patient Journey Ecosystem Map

We have created an ecosystem map to illustrate the different digital solutions and initiatives, which focus on enhancing the digital patient journey and the digitalisation of the healthcare system in Switzerland. We will update the content every quarter.

Digital Health Study 2022

We highly value the opinion of the population and therefore worked with our partner gfs zürich on a population survey to better understand the needs and fears of the Swiss citizens towards the digitalisation of the healthcare system. We subsequently published a study “A Swiss digital healthcare system: What the population thinks” to showcase the results of the survey to the wider ecosystem.